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What is Fibromyalgia

what is fibromyalgia

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Where do I start?


I used to stay at home and suffer in silence with all the ailments of fibromyalgia, feeling sorry for myself. I kept trying to reach out for some kind of help.  I stumbled across an add in the local paper advertising the mypainfibro group.


I attended the group, very tentatively, as I just did not know what to expect. Oh how I did not need to worry. I have never met such a group of friendly people.  I look forward to every meeting knowing there will be people there suffering the same as me. We talk things over, pass on hints on how to try and ease the symptoms, or just have a shoulder to lean, or cry, on.  I don’t know what I would do now without the help of the meetings, and all the lovely people I have met there.





Hi, I’m michaela I am 27yrs old and I live in Consett, Co.Durham, North East England with my husband Phil and my 8mth old Daughter Layla. I suffer with PCOS, depression, anxiety, chronic pain , loin pain hemeturia syndrome, hypertension, sacro illiac joint dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome. I tkae oral Morph – 60ml, Zomorph 40mg, Metformin 1500mg and Mirtazapine. I walk with a crutch on my bad days


I have recently been recently experiencing a relapse in my chronic fatigue syndrome/me. I have been having a lot of shakes, depression, mood swings, memory fog, stuttering and stammering my words. Aching everywhere more than normal. Restless legs, poor sleep.




A day in the life of fibro wake up at all times, still tired no refresh sleep, body feels it has been in a fight with Mike Tyson.  Sore stiff aches, need medication, no one to get it for you, hungry and feel a nuisance interrupting hubby as he on his own work schedule. Hubby brings brew and breakfast.  Lightsand sun affects my eyes, when weather changes chill feeling but perspire no temperature control.



Val Wrote a Poem About Fibromyalgia

This is a disability but not life threatening affects muscles and nerves in my body


F- ace up to your illness don’t hide it.
I-n a lot of pain, on a load of tablets.
B-enefit from my friends and family helping but would rather be doing things for myself.
R-alise I have help and realise I cannot go shopping by myself.
O-versleep have very bad nights with panic attacks. I want to sleep when it is time to get up.
M-anage my pain the best I can. Do chores and other things when I have a good day.
Y-ou cannot tell from one day to the next what you can do.
A-nxious and angry when I have to ask for help.
L- earn to accept help without feeling ashamed.
G-etting out and about when you can some days my legs don’t work properly.
I- feel ashamed for not working even though I worked for years.
A- ttend a support group now called mypainfibro this support group is amazing it turned my life around.